Youth Empowerment and Culture.

"I love to help others find meaning in their life by using Cultural Wisdom." ~ Alexander Dansie




A speaker with a heart!

Alexander often works in tandem with his father Roberto Dansie. Alex facilitates workshop exercises and group dynamics. He also offers break out sessions with youth groups in the areas of Leadership, LGB Issues, and Community Development for Young Leaders.


Alexander is a recent graduate of Portland Community College, aquiring an General Associates Degree and an Associates of Science.

He is also a graduate of the Portland Community College Men of Color Program.  He is pictured here with his professor and mentor Dr. Clifford Meeks.

He is continuing his education in 2018 at Portland State University on his way to a PhD in Community Health Work.

Culture as an healing element

Alexander and his sister Emily where raised in La Raza, fighting for justice for their community. They where raised with their father's ancient Toltec teachings of Cultural Wisdom and with a strong cultural identity as Mexican Irish Americans.

Alexander's early memories are of protest songs, marches for the people, participating in Promotores Projects developed by his parents to empower the community providing resources for education, housing, food, mental health, medical health, and dental health. His early years where spent on the Pit River Reservation where his father served as Executive Director.

He is currently working with Chadron Native American Center on community development and grant writing to bring in resources to the serious human rights disparities on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

He believes a focus on culture is the key to healing communities at large and particularly in areas of Native and LGB youth in prevention of suicide.  LGB youth are four times more likely to commit suicide. Native Americans have higher rates of suicide than any other ethnicity.